So I failed my first TOR solo attempt since my rangers DPS couldn’t beat down the giant or dragon fast enough before one or the other woke up again; I did manage to do the white, but failed at the blue. Then I started thinking – what if I had the barbarian destiny setup? Those adrenaline hits do hit pretty good and multi arrow and the epic moment combine adds plenty of DPS. And Score!

The epic moment together with multi shot is good enough to take 10-15% percent down to nothing and then whatever sliver is left on the other. Provided of course that both are somewhat prepped. Then theres also the feat that allows you to hit anything in between you and the target. That’s how I managed to get both the blue and the black. The while was done separately since I always try to keep the white away from me. But that was the only time I soloed it. Most other times I ran in groups on EH – which allowed me to bring home the bacon with several nice named item and a net tally of 12 flawless black scales (most from trading blue or white for black). As I write this my ranger now use the EH compass, the EH Jorgundal’s Collar, EH Girdle of Giants’ Brawn, fully upgraded ring of the stalker, EN Whisperchain and EN Spiked Boots. What’s missing now is the black armor pair (armor and helm), a good ring and EH Dream visor (at least).

One thing that’s fairly nice – adding devotion 114 to my khopesh. That ensures a good solid ability to self heal.


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