Scout Leader McSmakingface reporting to duty

I like my Vanguard tank. So naturally I wanted to give him another life (first lifer) but didn’t want to start from scratch. And since I don’t bother investing in the racial stuff I thought – hey – purple knight. It’s a fighter and it gets the extra feat.

Now as you can see from the imagine I managed to find a medium elemental armor and on a scrawny human it looked okay (sorta a kilt below the armor). But once I put it on the purple knight Ahnold body he had tight shorts on and this ‘too small to cover’ upper body armor. Like a armored scout or camp leader (naturally we’re talking cosmetic since underneath there’s a heavy black dragon armor).

Normally I use this cosmetic before I wanted to diversify the look. The intent was to look somewhat ‘Samurai’. And on the smaller human frame it’s almost like banded armor.

On the PDK it’s more like a heavy thick bulky armor but not bad per say.


Is there a particular advantage of doing the Iconic version other than maybe adding both an icon past life and fighter past life? Not really. The PDK past life isn’t all that useful. In fact I just can’t understand why they bothered. All other 3 are fairly okay – but since you can only have 1 iconic going at one time I could do any of the other. The only good thing is to start at 15 and get back to Epic a lot quicker.

I’m definitely going to do another one too, in order to do that third life. I might just do a bladeforged and go vanguard tank on that as well, eventho it’s less feats (so less tactical feats).

Or maybe I just stay as the scout master. Unlocking that sought after Dragon Basher badge.


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