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3 Things that happened this weekend

faicial UlgordFirst, I finally got my PDK favor – on my tank no less. Which is kind of sad considering just how useful that’d be on my sorc or other melee. On top of that I pulled some new hair color and as a rule, unless it’s gray – I have to ‘equip’ it on the person who pulls it. Unless it’s also my Horc fighter – I kind of like his orange Mohican.


I managed to hit 375 doing the dragon in the well on EE – which is pretty much how yo need to get it overall. Do everything on EE (citw on normal I think) and 5 star at least the challenges. And it was a terrific group where I filled the niche as the tank – especially against the dragon. I held the agro – let the sorc and such shoot from afar while I was being slapped around by the dragon – taking a lot less damage than anyone in the process. Plus I even got the chance to heal the healer – knocked down and about to become the next meal. That’s the benefit of having a self-healing tank.

That reminds me of  failed fall of truth – failed because I ran around taking agro and kiting stuff around more than hitting it and eventually ending up healing people for a solid 30 minutes until someone kiting the giant decided to sweep by the group prepping the dragon. Ergo boom and ergo lighting death.

Later on I slammed through a citw on hard followed by a ‘easy’ FoT on hard as well – but easy because the group knew what to do and the raid leader provided solid instructions. The giant, dragon and the rezzed dragons were all kited by pro’s. And the rest of the group managed to get it all done without wasting resources.

On the World of Tanks front I now have a new toy – the french prem. frenchie

The armor is not that thick, but it’s fast, has a fast shooting gun and is fairly accurate. All the kind of stuff that appeals to me. But for most part I ended up in some really crappy teams. I say this again – a game that’s not based on some kind of efficiency rating (especially in a PvP type game) is not a very good game.

Far to often do you end up with most good players on one side, and bad to poor on the other. It’s not by design, but since it’s only based on tier of tanks and nothing else you often get that kind of unbalanced matches. Which is not fun for anyone – it discourages people from playing. And even with the arty fix of capping them at 5 do you see plenty of 3+ battles. They’re not fun. Far to many of the maps benefit arty.

It was kind of funny how a arty was lamenting the camping going on. I told him DOH – we have 4 arty on each side – no wonder people are camping. So just don’t see the forest for all the trees.

And finally – Far Cry 3. I broke down and bought it since it was 40% off as digital download. It looks and plays amazing on my home rig. It’s the kind of game that could convince me to take a break from playing DDO for a while. From the deep jungle, crafting, hunting, driving/boating to combat. It’s fun. I still haven’t gone hunting for sharks to craft some better gear but I can wait. I know it’s only a game but swimming around in the sea with sharks around. And a game that looks this good – no way. I’ll wait a bit. Maybe I can find myself a harpoon or something. Speargun?