Weekend Mashup May 19th

I put together an elaborate scheme to finish off my Pally’s last level. I was willing to work the entire weekend to get it done and was a little surprised that by noon Saturday and before my wife decided to pre-plan the schedule to drive her around – I capped 28 and ended up spending most of the weekend playing the new raids as well as ETRing my sorc using that free Epic heart from this winter event.

I like the build; sure it’s not legendary blitzing or FOTW adrenaline hits – it’s solid dps using the divine crusader destiny. Which means a measure of self healing, good anti-undead clobbering and enough mix of offensive and defensive to get it done. It also allowed me to fully upgrade the shadow armor – which is nice to use when you do some Epic quests and especially the raids. My hope is to eventually unlock most destinies and get a few better twists in. There are lots fairly ‘cheap’ twists that adds a lot to the bottom line. A lot of melee use sense weakness and I agree, it’s good. But so is also a lot of other things. I could actually see myself using energy burst. Adding the right amount of spell power would give it a 1-2k kick but then it’s a matter of breaking DC so that might be a useless ability in EE. In truth there are few good alternatives for tier 4, but plenty of tier 2 and 1 that can be useful.

ETRing my sorc added another 3% crit chance to spells. It’ll help those cold and acid hits in the long run. Sure – I’m still doing shiradi and next time I will probably do colors of the queen but having a solid crit chance on your primary spell powers add those needed big hits with acid burst, energy burst etc. Right now I think i’ll stick with ETRing 2 guys – my sorc and my pally. Hopefully scraping together enough Valor for another heart in the end of this. That’ll allow my Pally to do the next one in 2-3 weeks. The question I ask myself is if I should switch to legendary right now and build up some karma while I level my sorc (running a few quests here and there and raids) so I can do a divine ETR next time and maybe another martial the time after that.

Same with my sorc; Do a primal one (color of the queen) in my next sorc ETR and then load up arcane and get that done for the third energy criticals. The question is of course WHAT divine I want for the pally. All of them are a little meh for my pally – maybe the one that adds positive energy for a few more HP in sacred ground ticks. Or more save. It’s not much but having more save is not bad. Definitely not the Block energy. That was is worthless since most people don’t block; at all. They should make it work for half in passive, full in active block. Maybe even slightly more with shield. It needs some refining.


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