What happened on my way to 10

This week boiled down to 3 things; I felt that once I hit 8 I should really have a bunch of heroic ToEE and Slavers stuff. I really thought (erroneously) that ToEE armor and caster thingy would be a good combo, just as the Epic version was. I figured I would actually check it out after doing 2 full runs (albeit with an epic character since I didn’t want to waste time doing it with my level 8 dragonborn). I was wrong. The armor isn’t all that good and the weapon isn’t even up to par. Compared to say the Slavers staff. Or even slaver rags (armor). So I ended up doing more slavers with the idea that I want to eventually have an heroic set with 3 named items (ring, staff and trinket) and 2 crafted items, a ring and necklace.

I got all the items and crafted stuff, but there’s a while more before I have fully 5 upgraded items. What I did however was to fully upgrade a ring (charisma, +1 Quality Charisma, Impulse Spell power, +2 focus mastery and yellow augment) and then Kinetic force only on the necklace. In the end I will have an int Necklace and Charisma ring, along with heroic spinners, trinket and staff. In addition heroic rags and the helmet that add fortification.

My overall plan is to racial reincarnate over and over doing either a sorc, Warlock, Wiz or Arti. Nothing else. Partly because I have tons of caster items but also a few good light repeaters when I did a Deep Gnome Arti.

The set will of course be usefull until maybe 13 or so. By then I’ll start using other named items and who knows – another heroic green steel, but I simply do not see them running the raid anymore so I’ll have to convince a smaller group to do it a few times until I have the shards and the mats for a con op hand held and maybe cloak or so.

But I didn’t just run heroic slavers – I ended adding a few more levels – by completing Sorrowdusk at 8 (in fact the last 2 quests in the chain were pretty hairy at level 12 reaper 1) and Splinterskull, to eek out 10. After this I’m off to try to do the next Necro chain – which I do believe is a little harder due to the silly way some of the quest works and how dumb hirelings are at doing what you ask them to do. So we’ll see, maybe I do a few of them and have to skip the ones I can’t do, unless of course a group just happen to run them.

Once I get over the 11, 12 hump the rest should be a fairly straight shot to 20.