Why I don’t like and never will like The Restless Isles

This is a good example how you fail while making an elaborate chain. If you count the precursor in the harbor, the one out of one of the tavern – it’s no more than 3 quests and a 2 part raid. That doesn’t feel all that bad, but in order for you to make the actual quests you first have to run in separate directions and find them.

Look at the supplied wilderness map in the link. That’s the big reason. Sure – they did add teleporters once you do the quest, but once you do them there’s only one reason to do one of them and that is for the royal mask (teleportation clicky).

This is a wilderness no one runs. It’s chaos. With lots of roadblocks. You won’t see any slayer or explorer runs at this level, if you do it’s rare and someone who has a lot of time to waste. Both quests in the wilderness are boring; one moreso then the other. Gholan Fang feels formulaic with lots of running one way, lots of running another way and then rinse and repeat. That’s right. First you run to unlock a door that can only be unlocked with sigils, then you run to get a key that opens a door so you can get your hands on a sigil. So that’s twice. Two similar gauntlet runs in one (sure the second is shorter but it’s still the same silly mechanic) for an end fight. And just so you can get your hands on a really good item. Because quite frankly; that’s it. Very few if any runs the raid because those items are mostly useless few if any want anything from the other quest.

The other quest consist of running up and down mine shafts, killing some bosses just to face a squid face boss. In fact it sounds like I’m trivializes it, it is more diverse than Gholan Fang, but boring. I’ve done it a few times, but most people skip it. I do.

2 thoughts on “Why I don’t like and never will like The Restless Isles

  1. Lanadazia from Argonessen

    hmm. complete opposite here.
    i don’t say i really like the 2 quests, but i do love the raids, imo together with the heroic abbot raid the best raids in the game. well designed, cool story and everytime you need to concentrate and teamplay etc, to win.
    also titan got some of THE BEST tr gear available. 7-fingered gloves or the belt with greater false life and +6 str are just awesome for that level
    also the helm of free will is like minos legens, just in good
    and the mace of smiting is a very good and at low level available construct beater (smiting on lvl 6 weapon, hallelujah!)

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