Why I don’t mind Sorrowdusk Isle but think they should fix it

This pack suffers from one big thing; a big level gap between the first and the last quest. You’re not going to get that much XP out of it. You might hit one level in your first life but it won’t give you a full level as far as I’ve experienced (this is not Deleras). The quests are not bad per say – sure – you’re going to go back into some of them more than once – one of the most laziest and silliest feature ever, but they’re not long per say.

What detract from it is the constant running. The first few quests are close to the quest giver, but the second half (cult of Six) requires a little bit more running. The wilderness itself is fairly straight forward with an island split in half by a tunnel. The worst part is that there are some big traps in here so while you might be able to do the level 7 stuff without issue, the elite version of the traps as the ML goes up can stretch your abilities (and especially on hirelings).

Personally I wish they fixed the level gap, simply adjusted the overall quests by making it either level 7 or 8 or 9. Something in between the lowest and the highest. That would make it a little bit more reasonable for most players who usually take care of this in one go, as suppose to do some, then do something else and then go back again.

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