With a little help from friends

Solo is slow compared to grouping. I don’t solo by choice; I solo by expedience. Most of the time I’m off whatever level cycle my guild friends are so I’m very seldom on when they’re doing the whole TR and they mostly TR as I mostly high level and ETR. I say ETR as if I’m doing it a lot, to be honest I’ve only done it twice now, but that’s the gist of it – I get them to 28, then ETR when I feel like I can’t sit around waiting for a full raid group. Plus it get monotonous to do the same upper quests for no other benefit than valor and maybe one or two items.

The issue I have with Epic is that there are few quests, few good chains and few Sagas to help level up. This one with Tinkerman was the slowest I’ve done so far – with very little help from explorers and slayer and if I do it again it’ll be even worse. Ironically the first 5 were the slowest and the last 3 quickest and that’s usually not how it is. Mostly because I ended up hitting several chain trains – 1 group doing most EGH quests on Hard and today several groups doing first MOTU 2 and 3 on EE and then another doing Web of Chaos chain on Elite. By then I was already done and capped but the Favor didn’t hurt.

I’m also almost done with Shiradi – one point left. I’m back on draconic for the Karma so I can ETR eventually but Shiradi turned out to be useful for the repeater even if I got few procs from the actual spells. But it’s a balance – with draconic I get about 200-300 more in damage from spells and with Shiradi I get better ranged. So even if one boosts the other it probably comes out about even. No one can argue about the devastating effect of Energy burst, breath and vortex and it was not at all strange that I lead in kills for most part. Leading in kills btw is not some kind of important metric of mine – but it indicates that being able to hit for about 2500-5000 with lightning, up to 1k on single spells and about 3 to 6k with Ruin works. And even if there are reflex saves I get in enough hits to do well.

Right now I want to find a helmet with +3 insight – so we’re talking blue dragon helmet. I don’t care if it’s normal hard or elite altho hard at least provide a good green augment slot. That will allow me to drop the Planar stone for the stealthy pilfer instead. Another on of my toons pulled it and with the pilfer I will be able to put the challenge belt from cannith on the shelf. It’s a good belt and it has been with my toons for a while now. The pilfer would replace most of that and that’s good. Allowing me to find a better belt, probably con or fort with hit points and then add some nice augments for the helmet and such. The planar set is of course very nice but the repeater will be replaced with a thunderforged one eventually so the set bonus is moot anyways.

I’m also hard at work unlocking the max version of the citw repeater. It’s good to have. and great for when you ETR. Now the real question I have is if the shadow armor is worth it in the long run. Sure it comes with 2 augment slots, 130 in fort and some goodies, but the upgrades are not all that great for an Arti. There’s the Shadow Striker but it’s really only good for ranged alacrity. The double strike and melee alacrity is for melee. So over all we’re not talking about a massive improvement. In fact I like black dragon set – but that bursts my wish for a +3 insight intel helmet. Maybe that’ll solve itself in the future with the release of a pair of boots, ring or belt with +3 insightful intelligence. Now that would be great. If that would be the case I’d go with a black dragon set with +3 dex or con and everything else that benefits a ranged character then build around that to increase everything else that matters.

Even better would of course be a force based rune arm with +3 intelligence and some nice augment slots, but that will probably not happen. if anything it would be great if Turbine would ever make a ‘make your own rune arm’ type deal – and I’d end up with a lightning or force based rune arm with intelligence. Solving so many problems on my list.

And yes – there’s a int based rune arm already – the one from the harper quest. But it’s acid so that won’t work with my current setup. Pity.


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