I can, but why should I?

I’m at the tail end of the 28 run – halfway through 27 and ready to convert my Vanguard rager into a Fighter Warlock (I really need to come up with a cool name).

I’m trying to unlock some more slots so I can empty the TR bank (I so wish Turbine could come up with a better system than that) and IR. I’m still going to be a PDK and then go for Charisma for damage instead of Strength.

I ran VON3 on EE. Okay – I know it’s not much of an accomplishment, but I mention it because it seems to be the fastest way to unlock enough favor. Or is it?

There seem to be an attitude that EE is it – that if you don’t play EE you’re not good enough. I know that’s a simplification of some extreme voices on the subject. Personally I’m happy with EH for most part. That doesn’t mean I can’t – I’ve done it on a few chars – and some classes and builds are better where others are worse.

This build with ample self healing and running Crusader alongside Barbarian self healing and lots of tactical feats happen to be able to do it. Plus it’s 4 levels below cap so it’s doable simply out of that standpoint.

But why?

When I compare Hard and Elite there’s only one significant reason for it – 80% percent more XP compared to 50% (first time bonus). But it also takes longer.

To me it boils down to use of resources and time compared to the overall benefit. Example – doing short quests like MOTU1, Middlers Farm or Web of Chaos the first quest on EE (if you can handle it) makes sense. The payout is fairly high for a much shorter romp. Even if it takes longer (because of more HP etc) it’s still marginal overall. 5 minutes?

Take a longer quest like VON3 and it’s not just the run, but also adding the extra 30-60 seconds per fight and in the long run you’re talking about 15 more minutes to the length instead of the 30 overall.

Maybe that’s not significant for some, but to me the cost benefit starts to slide. So it’s not that I can’t do it; I just don’t feel that it’s worth it unless the end XP is that much higher per minute than if I’d settled for EH.


5 thoughts on “I can, but why should I?

  1. Tholgrin

    I have long since said that one should play EE for the challenge, but EH for actual leveling and grinding. As you said, the cost/benefit for EE – yes, there’s more base XP – but the completion time puts an unnecessary strain on play time and pots. When you can complete one EE quest in the time it takes to run three EH ones, suddenly that extra XP becomes less of a factor.

    On the other hand, it’s still fun to EE every now and then, just for the challenge…. but I don’t do it during times when I’m trying to get to a specific level.

  2. Pnumbra

    EH is indeed a better play option for leveling. EE outside of bragging rights, is resource heavy and unless you are after a particular EE item, its XP award can be mitigated. Time to completion is a primary marker for EH vs. EE questing. EH tends to offer a good balance of fun/minute. Sure I do EE quest sometimes, but it is seldom for XP, more about curiosity.

  3. greeem

    Can not beleive what i am seeing here. EE is way faster leveling, by a long shot. I can do an EE quest just as fast as I can do an EH. I am GREEEM and play on Kyber


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