Diversifying my fighters

I used to have more pure fighters, but most of them are now the 2’s and such mixed in for effect. The only pure one I have is my vanguard, but I do have a 18/2 (pally) Bladeforged one. I mention this because of the Kensei pass and to see if there are any good reasons to invest deeper into the Kensei tree unlike before. And for sure it does.

At first blush Turbine have removed some of the monkish features that took up a huge portion of the tree. There are still some features there, but now it’s more of a general fighter with functional overtures to Monk – than strictly Monk based on being centered. Clearly a much better use of the tree overall.

The easiest way to describe the changes is that where Barbarian have survivability through temporary HP and often massive spike damage, Kensei is the type of tree that provide solid above average DPS deeply anchored in sustainability and tactics.  And it still remains one of the most splashable classes and trees around.

Particularly now with stronger core features. Making the tree itself an easy 6 splash in many skirmish and DPS builds.

But Update 31 isn’t all about Kensei, eventho it’s a main class change – there are also 3 new F2P quests – both as heroics and Legendary. I mentioned 2 of them previously so I’m very curious about the third one. Hopefully it is as long and entertaining as the other two.


2 thoughts on “Diversifying my fighters

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