Crafting slot choices

This is a new excellent new crafting planner for the new system. You will note that it’s not covering everything, but it’s fairly complete. It will eventually be for all slots including collar and rune arms.

Anyways, I was sitting there and thinking what some good general stop gap gear would be, not low end and high end and it struck me that some choices were far more flexible (such as Trinkets) and others like head gear wasn’t.

Now, there is absolutely no reason why you can’t make lots of choices out of the combinations that you can, but it’s also true that outside individual abilities for specific classes or builds, some items are generally standard.

Assume that we’re making powerlevel 34 gear. If you look at helmet you have a few attribute choices, but we know that we can get better than 15 right now. This being level 30 gear it’s more than likely that we’re going to make sure to gear the best stuff. So spending resources on say an int helmet when it looks like the slavers gear will have higher attribute values, seems a little premature.

And personally I’m unlikely to waste a prefix on something mundane as Haggle or listen and more likely fortification, Wizardry and sheltering. All of whom exist on plenty of named gear.

However often named gear that you might not want to grind for on seldom used chars. So to me a fortification (159) of Spell Focus Mastery (5) with extra slot of insightful fortification (79) sounds good, with 1 or 2 augment slots sounds good for a caster, and instead of SFM maybe accuracy for a skirmisher.

Again, there are plenty of named items with fort, but most of them involves running raids and some quests and you might want to reserve those armor and gear for more used chars.

For belt – and providing you’re not thinking specifically about well used chars, a constitution (15) of False life (N/A but probably 50 something) with extra slot of insightful constitution (7).

That provides a solid HP belt for that odd character.

Trinket and rings get trickier. Those are highly flexible but also more individualized to the needs of a character. You could gear towards a specific class, but generally even similar classes (such as caster) are specialized towards spell power and ability needs. But you can still make rings or gear with similar lore and spell power and perhaps insightful spell saves.

Or maybe a solid absorb item with resist and insightful magical resistance. Now if you do want abilities, then you will find that many of the gear slots also have the corresponding extra insightful ability. So rings would offer Charisma and constitution, cloak charisma, intelligence and wisdom etc which should make gear very easy to work in tandem with the multitude of good gear out there. Most of which is BTA.

And as you decide to grind out slavers gears and set bonus your less fortunate chars can get the BTA hand it down together with a bunch of nice stop gap items.

Like Devil’s Handiwork out of update 28. It’s a good set that can be a little hard to fit in for well geared chars but a perfect set to get seldom used chars up to snuff. Just note that there are no full ability scores, but plenty of insightful and most of all, the 5 piece set of +3 in quality to all abilities.

This is where crafting shines. Allowing you to add those important ability scores to the slots not covered by set items and then heightened by the excellent gear for some really okay scores. You can easily combine this with the different armor that have dropped the past year or so even going back to Epic Macabre, and you’ll have everything you need.




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