Thank you for Cannith Crafting

It should be said more often; but Cannith Crafting have been a boon for me.

I have a LOT of toons. Max allowed. Most are mules but I do have an assortment of different ‘playable’ toons – most in Epic levels but also 15 and above. And the worst thing (up until the new random loot system and Cannith crafting) was that if you stopped playing one of them for a while they fell behind in gear. That is true in the days of ever shifting named items (until luckily BTA stuff).

This was also a particular nuisance when you look at what is most often ‘set’ gear for specific levels. Such as Thunderforged starting level 26 (now often replaced with LGS). You’re not going to be able to replace everything you got with Thunderforged which leaves you at the mercy of ‘lesser’ named items or random stuff.

Cannith crafting – even tho you have to go for intolerable mat runs sometimes, allows you to create standardized gears for level gap that fits specific classes and bridge the needs with more useful BTA items. This is particularly true around 20-25 where a lot of the gear is still the MOTU BTC (through harper and EGH) gear sets. From armor, weapons, trinkets and items.

This are better in the 15-20 and 25-30 gap where a lot of the items are BTA. This is where Cannith Crafting shines. Allowing you to create things like all HP belts which fits ANY class, gloves and bracers that fit (and other slots) that are essential to specific classes (like spell pen gloves for casters and doubstrike with armor piercing for melee). You can even be so granular that you make rings that fit specific caster types (say acid) or generalist such as sheltering of physical sheltering.

The point is simple; as your treasure trove of BTA crafted items expand they become more and more the foundation of leveling gear. Which is particularly true with generalist things like HP gear. Such as the for mentioned belt. Constitution of False Life of insightful constitution – often with either a heavy fortification augment. I now have several such as 15, 20, 23 and 30 (34). They’re good for all classes.

Or a host of caster neutral rings that include impulse (useful for all caster types) and sheltering. And now even with the Epic reincarnation of my Bladeforged Paladin – gloves with doubstrike, armor piercing and insightful strength. And a trinket with Strength, Wisdom and insightful wisdom. A trinket useful also for melee type divines and Monks.

So thank you Turbine for allowing me explore the mosaic of gear solutions, to standardize leveling equipment without the need to grind out different named items and for finding solutions to slotted gear that best fit the diverse ability needs for different classes.


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