Red Fen – Dragonborn life 3

Several things have happened since I last wrote; I have a job. I have a new place (the move could fill a novel – probably the most painful experience I have ever had), 3 new monitors and a new graphic card.

I now permanently run DDO on 5760×1080. With 3 24″ curved monitors on a triple monitor stand – it looks superb. I also play World of Tanks with that configuration but sometimes it crashes. Causing me to have to reboot the system (hard).

I am currently running up my third Dragonborn life – reaper 1 mostly. Some quests are really tough; however the older are manageable – as long as you don’t have 3 reapers showing up at the same time. Tend to spoil the party; especially if you’re playing an escort type mission.

I’m currently at 12. So basically I’ve done most chains – the latest being Red Fen and before that Threnal. I really don’t know why I do Threnal; sure part of it has to do with making the 5% XP augment. But it is not a very rewarding experience and perhaps some of the most boring quests. By contrast you can easily bring home about 15k to 20k XP per Red Fen quest, where as longer and more painfully tedious Threnal quests only yield 15k max, many just 3-6k.

I like Dragonborn. I didn’t very much care for playing it as sorc (not because of Dragonborn mind you; just Sorc on reaper was painful). Now with the Arti changes coming out I’m eager to run a few Gnome ones.

3 thoughts on “Red Fen – Dragonborn life 3

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