Tome of Learning and XP churning

Last night was the first time I had the opportunity to make a bunch of runs with the new greater tome of learning, the 10% special event boost and the 3Hr 20% pot brewing (that you get with the greater tome of learning).

The last quest in the level 15 harbor chain (the one with the taken and Mr. uber squid) on hard gave 24k, Sacrifice on elite gave me 32k, the F2P twelve level 15 quest out of that tavern with the beholders, puzzle and those hamheaded zombies gave almost 20k, hard Running with Devils 27k and the first quest out of the new level 16 netted almost 20k. Now that one was a pain and I blame the hireling.

First off killing cultists are not all that hard. Not even the tiger dudes. The hardest part was the fact that hirelings just don’t want to heal as much anymore. They simply go derpy on you and let you almost die before they go ‘Oh, you’re hurt’. Now it’s not always; some times they do just fine. But then they get that look into space kind of moment when they don’t do squat. Like when you’re getting hurt by traps or slammed to pieces by kitty.

And when I tried to raise my Arti it decided to raise the pet instead (eventhough I was clearly highlighted. 2 Times. Before it tried to clobber the end kitty to death. So I had to eat a cake, go in and finish off the baddie.

Now I don’t know about you; but the end drow seems to have epic weapons in use because I saw several 400+ HP plus untyped damage procs on my pet.

Other then that running all those quested netted me enough XP (hard running was the last one done) and I hit level 17.

And this morning I ran Coal Chamber on hard (solo). It’s generally such a long run anyways that my shrine XP bonus ran out and I didn’t have a pot running by then. But still – with hard streak, bonus and the first time tome bonus I hit 30k. Imagine that on Elite with Elite streak and a pot brewing (and the XP shrine still going).

I can’t argue against numbers like that. Which of course my first time TRer needs since at this point I’m looking for 200k plus in XP to hit the next level.

My hope is to be able to jump on a quest train doing the other two Vale quests left (Rainbow and dust) at hard then do some Reavers Refuge.


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