Magisteronic Heritage

I’ve come to a conclusion and that I really like the extra elemental damage I can add to the draconic heritage, but very little else (okay sure – +2 to the DC). But I like the magister more. Well thank gosh for twisting then. The truth is that after having played around with everything unlocked, adding that extra DC and spell power makes everything more epic; but none of the tier 6 stuff makes an iotta of differense. There should be; but low proc rate for temporary stuff and a BIG moment effect that never happens is unappealing. Plus draconic fury – the level 5 draconic destiny autogrant with 20 seconds of +20 more spell power and a 4 minute cool down is ‘interesting’ but honestly – how often do you think you’ll get to use it and during that 20 seconds how often will you notice a differense?

The magister one offers something compelling to me. First of all lots of DC breaking features. Moreso then you’ll find in the draconic. Then also nullmagic strike. That is a max 15% chance to make the target go anti-magic – that is with no ability to cast anything for up to 30 seconds. The BIG tier 6 stuff are also useful. Like the nullmagic aura that negate any harmful spells for 20 seconds when you set it off and Arcane adept – 5% less spell point cost. Match that with the wiz set with a 10% spell point discount or the green dragon armor – and you have 15% less cost which is VERY compelling.

So that means that I want to twist two draconic things. The 30% spell power to one element (in my case acid) which is tier 3 and +2 Evocation which is tier 2.

That’s a lot of fate point. 6 alone for the tier 3 and 5 I think for the tier 2. So 11. Even with a +2 fate point tome I’m looking at dragging together 9. So 1 every 3 Epic destiny levels so a total of 27 Epic destiny levels – 5 in each destiny – 5 Epic destinies plus 2 additional destiny levels.

Wow.  The grind is even worse then TRing. And a lot of grind in stuff that won’t ever benefit a caster.

I guess it’s just a matter of rolling up my sleaves and grit my teeth.


2 thoughts on “Magisteronic Heritage

  1. deahamlet

    Yep yep. 😛 I’m already prepared to grind grind especially on my artificer. I’m ignoring TRing for quite some time.


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