The tools of the trade

My sorc have a simple way of turning critters to puddles of acid goo or frozen popsicles. 2 Scepters and some other stuff. It boils down to 21% crit for both, max amount of spell power and a 250+ spell power on acid. Simply put calculated murder. My fighter have something like 16% chance for doublestrike with a Epic Antique greataxe with +7 quality slotted in a red augment slot. My Monk have yet to find wraps that are definate killers and he doesn’t even own the Mabar ones – here’s me looking to update that. The Relic ones should improve and I’m trying to put together those Epic Charged gauntlets for additional DPS. My Ranger, yet to be destified (Did I just create a new dorky word for the process of unlocking destinies for main and twists?) but he’s well off with GS weapons and such. True – without a dedicated destiny to 2 weapon fighting it’s a lil’ harder to define his tempest qualities. But that’s not so hard for my Arti who can pick from the Wiz or the Ranger one with equal joy. I can only hope that the new destiny on its way fuses rune arming and repeating and all the other things Arti’s do well for better symetri. Then we have my FvS.

I articulated before that unlike the direct path to destruction like with the sorc, the radiance (light damage) is harder because you can’t just pick ONE item to cover spellpower and lore like with regular stuff. That’s because lore can only be found on things like shields and armor and alchemical stuff and if you want radiance spellpower it’ll be on things like helmet, weapons and rings, but never together with the lore.

So I checked through the update 14 named items again to find the missing piece of the puzzle and my eyes centered on Holy Symbol of Lolth. 102 spell power in nullification, Impulse and radiance with +1 exceptional Wis and Char and 15 universal spell power. A item made for divines who can’t cornhole some stuff together. Now it’s not ideal; it’s a trinket slot so it’s either that or the planar conflux, which means it’s a short term solution, but at least at level 21 it represents a good choice to get some additional spell power on the table.

So now I’m a proud owner of said item and I use it together with a greenblade (not epic version) and my con op scepter. I also opted for the use of the spidersilk robe as suppose to the designated Terrorweb for now because it adds a few more things the Terrorweb doesn’t, but I will most likely go over to Terrorweb as soon as I add another point of Wisdom. My destruction is still uneven so that leads me to believe I need to focus a lil’ more on necromancy but at least the implosion is getting solid. And mid 300 damage on the iconic blade barrier with a high of 600 for crit is good enough for now. Nothing a 120 impulse scepter with Sup Kinetic lore can improve later. It’s still not on par with my sorc and fighter and I’m resigned to the fact it never will be, but if I can keep my implosion sharp and destruction land for most part I will at least be able to trudge along in most quests without feeling like I have to flood half a bar of SP into a simple fight where my sorc have already left ice crystals and acid puddles behind and gone for a drink.


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