This weekend in runnin’

I did add some of my travails the other day – which sounded more like butthurt whining over not being selected for an LE run, but in reality I found it somewhat laughable.

Maybe sooner or later someone will tell me that I don’t have enough HP on one of my toons – something I read and heard years ago.

Anyways – I did have some really interesting runs. I ran Defiler on Elite for the chance of pulling the helmet with melee power (or something else) and after a fairly smooth run (a few deaths on elite? I’ll take it) someone pulled the helmet and put it up for roll. Safe to say I won it and another for the strength based boots.

The only sad part is that melee power does not stack. (I should have known better) so I still have a better ring – the one out of Good intentions. I mean it got not only more melee power than a raid item at the same ML but also deadly 14. That’s a little hard to beat.

Which made me take a look at the strange spectrum of items covering 26-30. Where we have named items like ML 29 from the flagging quests for Legendary Shroud with ‘worse’ stats than F2P ML 28 items. Fair to say – the devs are not entirely clear about the whole effective power of named items yet.

And now soon we will have BTA slavers items – crafted and named that’ll be similarly powerful. Making all loot in the same spectrum seem a little off kilter.

But that’s not to say I was as successful in everything I ran. I’m still unable to pull legendary large glowing arrows (or whatever) from legendary shroud.

I had to trade me one, but I’m still not pulling them myself. They’re more or less the legendary version of heroic large devil scales.

I’m building up quite the glut of small and mediums and lots of large stones, but less so with everything else. My hope is to do a triple good for my vanguard (for that extra 1000 temp HP), some type of slow down repeater for my gnome Arti and go straight acid with my Warlock.

As I see it, once slavers hit I’m going for the orb and a greensteel stick for my Warlock. Stacking acid damage or something like con op or possible neg level or slow down feature. It really seems like the most efficient way of being a Warlock. I currently want to remove the tier 2 insightful Charisma +7 since you can easily craft that as overlevel with Cannith Crafting. I feel that is a much better use of a stick. Plus I want to replace the tier 3 with +2 Exceptional at one point so I can max out Charisma.

My Arti need a better repeater. I feel that some type of slow down repeater would be a worthwhile choice if I’m going to do repeat grinding of slavers and such.

And a triple pos adds to the survivability of my Vanguard. I’ve already messed around enough with his setup. By doing a few more destinies I have now unlocked Sense Weakness as tier 4 twist and 30% more damage when I stun opponents. It’s damn effective.

I do some simple runs in ToEE now adays, LH for now just to check out different build options. I’ve tried FOTW with twisted consecrated ground and while the single burst damage is nice it seems more labor intense and not worth it for mob slaying. However really good on that single red named or something.

I tried blitzing. It’s pretty good overall DPS. Crits easily slide up to 2k and above. I do like crusader tho. It’s great self healing. Every critter you slay you get about 80-90 HP. Add to that Scion of the Shadowfell and vampirism on hit. It’s not the best legendary feat for my vanguard, but it does add a hefty source of incoming healing – 2 -14 HP per hit. With 58% doublestrike and lots of shield bash, it makes it very possible to heal through most damage, except heavy burst hits. And that is why I want that temp 1k HP. Between the self healing and the temp 1k, I should be able to survive just fine.

Of course there are other ways to increase all of that as well. Raw constitution – I’m still not maxed out through items. I’ll do that with a slaver crafted item, such as bracers with Con (17), resistance (14), Stunning (17) and Quality Con 4. That would be a perfect con belt. Add to that the named trinket with +8 insightful con and another slavers item with false life 68 and you have lots of extra HP.

I will most likely do the Might set Bonus over the Endurance. Having more DPS is always better than a smidge mitigation. I know, this might be a bad choice, but it feels like there will be plenty of mitigation anyways and a lot of temp HP and such to soak up damage with and dps might just be as much of a key to survival than just incremental mitigation.

We’ll see, it’ll be a while before I get to that point.

However I clearly want this helmet. It adds all the seeker I need including more stacking combat mastery and relentless fury.

And this full plate. I currently get the same ability points from the Epic Abbot trinket, but I want to get Legendary Symbol of the Slave Lords instead. And it’s possible I’ll even go for the legendary ring of powers. Combining that with the ring from Good intentions and I got those slots covered for deadly, melee power, melee alacrity and quality strength.

With 4 named items covered in the set I only need to craft 1, such as the bracers above. Which is going to be a lot less intense for the melee guy compared to my Warlock and the 3 items I’m crafting to combine with the 2 named items I like for him.

All in all I like the fact that it’ll take less time to do the melee setup than the caster one.






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