Back to PK dualist

This weekend (Friday to be exact) my sorc hit 30 and right away turned around and hit the reincarnation circus. That doesn’t mean he right away started leveling up from 15 (iconic Deep Gnome), no first I decided to supplement any gear with crafted stuff.

Which meant I spent most of Saturday grinding for mats. Which is the effect of the new crafting system and the silly tiered way of doing things. There’s nothing more pointless than spending hours doing low end quests for mats just so you can craft a few items.

But lets not gripe about that; once I had the numerous items that I needed it was time to do a few quests before turning in and get back into it on Sunday.


In general terms the trinket slot is usually hotly contested for Epic levels but fairly open ended in heroic. Not anymore with the new crafting system – allowing you perhaps the most flexible slots of all that can combine pretty much anything crafting have to offer. Evident here with me using an old shard of power to make an int item out of it with spell focus mastery.

I of course didn’t realize how powerful this was until after I created my goggles (see below), but it’s not until the lower 20’s where regular focus items become stronger than Spell Focus Mastery. In this case it’s almost pointless to use any other item save a few named ones for focus. Especially things you craft and even a lot of named items in the same level range.

I might redo the goggles in the future to add something else with the insightful, or simply use the goggles out the f2p quest where I got the circlet from. Yes, it’s still Illusion focus 3, but it also adds +2 insightful Illusion and +1 Quality Int along with true seeing.

That way you can use the stick that deep gnomes get with +2 insightful illusion. All combined into a fairly well stacking set of items that makes sense.


I’m going to be honest here. I’m sure there are better boots in the same level range, I just didn’t feel like checking through all my alts or for that matter research any. This adds plenty of spellsight and some balance, all useful.


These ones are my favorite right now since it fill a fairly unique role that’ll benefit all caster types. There are a lot of items that provide spell pen. But not insightful spell pen. I debated whether I should do heal amp or spell lore, but I felt I needed some source of lore to go with the circlet and to round up the general need for spell crits.


This is an old robe that might not be the most ideal for casters, but it works for my needs. I could potentially craft something with heal amp, but I like the fact that it has some useful features (and also some unpredictable xoriat features).


This is pretty much a staple among my toons. Either this or the level 21 version. Cloak or brazers. There are a few competing cloaks in the same level bracket but if I would ever switch over to one of those, I will most likely switch to the mysterious bracers.


I mentioned above that I use +3 spell focus master part of a crafted trinket, which makes any +3 focus fairly pointless. There are few items (at the same level) that offer more, other than say the sage necklace with +4 evocation. In this case it’s almost smarter to go with the named goggles I mentioned above rather than trying to glue together what will be inferior goggles for my use.


I opted for this necklace instead of the +4 evocation sage. Much of it because evocation isn’t the largest and most important focus in my build – illusion and enchantment is, and this uniquely benefit enchantment.


As for rings goes; I’m relying on the on combo of sheltering and force per usual. Less so on rings that also include spell power. Most of that is covered by the circlet.


There are a lot of possible combinations to be added – rings are very versatile that way. This one as you can see add SR and dex, dex so I can ensure maximum dodge bonus.


The ring above goes hand in hand with these pair of bracers. Adding more fortification (always good), dodge bonus and more SR.


This will always be a staple among my different items and the belt slot is almost perfect for it. It now covers 15, 20, 24 (I believe) and more.This allows me of using the highest standard for HP item. I will most likely also add a vitality augment.


I do wish there were more extra slots to pick from; things unique for casters. Other than that, this is the standard fair – spell power and insightful.


Finally the circlet. This is almost a given when it comes to solid spell power items. With a total of 104 in potency it servers as a great bridge between focusing on a few more powerful bonuses to spell power and having one item doing the leg work.

The mainstay of this build is doing as much insta killing as possible anyways, with a few DPS spells for backup.


I’ve done this type of build before; when I ran up 3 deep gnomes for my warlock. Pking only becomes better with time – triple reincs of Deep Gnome provides not only more spell pen from the wizard past life, but also +3 illusion and 15 acid spell power from the iconic deep gnome. Enough to make the build that more competitive

That will most likely mean at least 1 deep gnome arti to capture all those past life benefits (since I did a wiz already before but not as deep gnome). .



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