Everyone want to cover all their angles

I get it. Each update makes people want to needle the point for their benefit. Like the boots in Update 23. They’re excellent consolidated boots for tactical feats. However some rather see that changed to something else. Also, there are some changes being made. Mentau’s goggles are now completely devoid of strength. While they put all that on a Mythic helmet instead (wisely making the mythical stuff stronger) they completely destroyed the goggles in that no one would want them now (yes +11 in Dex but really). There are some marginal changes – they did get rid of some of those ‘reflex +10′ which is nonsensical to have on items since resistance +11 will cover all that. Instead they’re adding +2 insightful reflex etc to those items, making it stack with existing resistance items. I suggested that but I’m sure I wasn’t the only ones.

To me the philosophy of loot is always some kind of synergy. To much overlap and there’s nothing unique anymore. Items should have value, even if it’s a single particular feature. Like the boots. Removing the tactical feats would make the boots worthless. Just as Mentau’s went from OP but could need some adjustments to ‘meh, won’t care’. That’s quite the change.

Same could be said about some of the other items. The gloves lost their +11 Wis (they were really meant to be arcane caster gloves anyways) and got +11 Int. I wish that was insightful instead. There’s just too many sources with max ability and not enough with insightful. There need to be a few more sources of insightful or you got the same silly overlap going on. Take the belt – +11 Charisma and +20 perform. They scream Bard or sorc. (Mostly bard) but at the same time there are a few more items with +11 Charisma/int/whatever. Like the raid helmet. The raid helmet would be better as +3 or 4 insightful of Charisma/int/wis. There should be a desire to own it, not a ‘maybe, I might store it if I get it’. Synergy is good. If it’s a matter of being ‘too’ strong then remove an ability point. Make it a little bit weaker but still a clear utility.

Someone suggested to slaughter the boots completely by removing all tactical feats and adding a way to remove the taint of evil so good (divine) classes can remove all negative effects. I’m very much against that. When I think more and more about loot I realize that there shouldn’t ever be a way to make the most of everything for everyone. Loot doesn’t have to fit all bills. I could imagine high end loot that add some negative to all type of classes. Like an item that adds good amount of HP and con but negative strength (small trade off for huge benefit). Or something for caster that eats some of their SP. Like the rune arm. I like those ideas. Add something strong; suffer a consequence. Remember those mad loot from the level 15 and 17 out of Harbor and Twelve? Some good effects and some negatives. I like that. It adds flavor. Maximizing everything adds nothing but more power.

Over all the changes are okay; dicing the goggles were a little bit much but they added it to a Mythical helmet instead. Sure, the people using the black dragon armor set won’t be happy and I get it. But it is what it is. They didn’t remove it; just made the Mythical stuff stronger. As they should. Before the changes the Mythical was clearly undergunned now some of them are strong. Like the Mythical Minos – 150% Fort, 45 stacking HP and Sheltering 30. If you’re building a tank that’s your head cover. Combine it with Thunderforged for effect and you got a solid piece of metal.

So bring on U23. Let us start collecting the stuff and lets see if U24 can add a unique flavor. Not the must haves but what completes the package. Turbine was smart enough not to release any weapons that would make Thunderforged obsolete. Smart move. Lets hope U24 can be more of a complement to ENecro instead of a constant arms race. Right now we need a way to plan longer term for that final gear – and a solid end game type longterm crafting system that allows us to spend time looking forward. Or maybe I’m just asking for to much.

BTA didn’t kill loot

There’s a silly and most illogical notion going on among players butt hurt by BTA loot that BTA loot killed the current loot grind. Nonsense. Arrant nonsense. It’s illogical on its foot and just dumb. People who toss out such arrant nonsense should bow their heads in shame and probably put on the dummy hat and stand in a corner.

BTA forces players to PLAY content in order to get item. BTCoE doesn’t. In fact I’ve traded and bought more of that loot off the shard AH then I’ve run the content for it. People who propose this silly notion are simply mad as hatters that they can’t just sell the current loot for shards. THAT is what’s behind their illogical and profoundly ignorant statements.

Let me throw it out there again – the reason why BTCoE was bad for the game is because it shortened the loot run cycle completely. It made basic loot worthless. There’s no point running the high road if someone else already have the item for sale. In fact you only have to run it once for XP if you like and then wait until someone post it on the AH.

The second thing that killed loot was Shadowfell. It added random loot more powerful then the GOOD loot. Like dream visor – one of the most sought over items after EGH dropped. Because it was one of the few items that added deadly. Suddenly with Shadowfell almost all items you pulled had twice as much deadly and the trading on dream visors completely died. The only thing with some value right now are +3 insightful stuff. And the EE ring from EPoP. Everything else is almost useless to sell for more then a handful of shards.

So far I’ve ran E3BC a lot more then I have any other content for the named items. What Turbine should however had done from the get go is to make the drop a little more rare. In other words; add a reasonable grind. 20-30 times on EN, 10-15 on EH and less then 10 on Elite. Make people run content. And BTA is just fine.

I’m fine with making Mythic items just for EH and EE runs. Really rare versions. That’s good. But not selling named items. That was dumb of Turbine and completely ruined any reason for people to farm a quest more than once. Professional traders aside, butt hurt from this change – this is good. Making people own and run content is good. And in U23 the difference is that making people run to unlock augment slots is good. Not only are you running quests to get item (without being able to just buy it) but you now also run to unlock the augment slots. Again, adding incentive and reason to PLAY. Being able to go to the shard AH and find items will NOT make people play. It makes absolutely not one single molecule of sense to make that statement.

ERing before U23

I have about 3-4 hours left of 30% XP running and I don’t feel like wasting it running cap. Plus with 20% Epic XP I felt like getting to cap, and ER (Epic Reincarnate) right away. Why waste 2 good things. The Dragon Singer concept is working for what I want it to do. I rant EE Drow city stuff and managed to get the dancing ball with mind fog to work on most of them. I was level 27 at the time, running Shiradi. The gear setup is a Tier 2 Thunderforged with +6 Evocation, the Sage cloak with +5 Enchantment and the other thunderforged orb with +7 Spell Pen. Still, the hold would for most part bounce on EE drow and does so even on hard or normal creatures (Drow especially). I knew that already and I’m working myself to eventually TR for more spell pen.

However I’ve yet to run all of Wheelon solo on anything but EN and that’s because for most part I do it on melee and it’s just a pain to do otherwise. However this time I wanted to try – to see if my Dragon Singer could get his dancing balls to work alongside the holds. And it was a pure charm. First, the DPS is a little bit light without holds – I knew that going in. But with stacking electrocutions and lots of fast cycling chain lightning and such I managed to provide a nice amount of hurt without wasting to much DPS. Key was the use of dancing ball and hold and they worked fine on Wheelon stuff. The stupid assassins where a mixed bucket of meh – I don’t know what type of save they have but the idiocy of them avoiding hard to save Dancing balls just boggles my mind. Even with Mind Fog. I find that stuff stupid. When you create critters without specific weaknesses that can cycle a dumb attack over and over so quickly I just want to move on and never look back.

But I wanted to prove something for myself – that this concept worked for what it does and did so very well. So soloing with hirelings was a matter of wanting to see how it measured up, then puging EE stuff was a matter of thinking something would work while other things might now.

Everything went smoothly. All of them; there was only one room that caused issue and that is the final quest in the chain, upstairs in a room with a red named assassins and a bunch of regular assassin. They naturally started swishing all their chains around as I switched over to that side after dealing with the shadow on the shadowside and all the hirelings died, all. But I did the run in circles through dancing ball, got the stuck and even in some cases held and smacked the stuff out of them with fast cycling magic missiles and such.

Yeah, it works. Like it should. Even the shorter assassin quest worked. I parked the hirelings and went jumping up on the beam and got my second Joy of the Queen for the evening and suddenly the stuff started exploding like crazy. The red named didn’t last more then a minute. The other time was the end of the sewer one – that can get hairy with all the respawning trash and then stunning boss. But with dancing balls and Joy of the Queen I had the place looking like a 4th of July fireworks.

The final boss was tedious. I didn’t have the good tea with the queen thingy going (75% absorb) and having him switch back and forth was annoying but I did have ruin and those 3-6k hits tastes good.

The EE Drow quests however had me work Shiradi procs mainly and it’s nice. The dancing balls worked fairly okay (just jump through them until the chaser gets hitched) but the holds only landed once in a blue moon. Drows spell resists are crazy.

But it took me over the top; I was close enough having done a few other quests and the EE drow ones hit the spot. I had proven to myself that the concept works for most part for EN and EH as it should and in EE I can use 2 out of 3 main features; dancing balls and DPS through Shiradi. The holds will most likely require a few more steps.

This time around I’m changing the twists. I changed the Magister one to +3 Enchantment and as soon as I hit another few fate points (unlocking fatesinger now and will unlock the Druid one after this) I will bump up my second twist to tier 2 and do a +2 Evocation from Draconic. That adds lots of nice DC. I was hoping to get another one from the Harper 3 but they destroyed that by moving the passive DC to a tier 5. I don’t know what they’re thinking but by top loading that tree with good stuff they’re making it practically useless for most people.

I’m just sayin’ – very few will unlock it all the way to tier 5. Especially since most trees have something better for tier 5 than Harper. It seems that Turbine starts out well with a new update and then ruin it by breaking whatever is good. The Raid seems to get better tho, before it was a casters nightmare, now they have adjusted the bad features. So maybe. But I’m still very interested to know if they changed to items. There were 2 they thought about breaking up and changing somewhat and that usually means making them fundamentally useless for what it was good for before the change and worthless for a majority of players that might’ve used it.

We’ll see. Harper seems to be an Arti and Rogue playground now – fewer and fewer things add anything worth it for the rest of my guys. I’m not going to take points from secondary trees that might add significant amount of universal spell power to add a few from the Harper. Before it was up to 24 Spell power that could be added in 3 tiers and now it’s down to half. And THAT is just pointless. Especially since I’ll lose as many universal Spell power point to reduce my investment in Water Savant (for my pure sorc) just to add up about the same amount of Spell power and now have a lower crit profile as cold based spells.

Again – top loading the tree as suppose to adding a few good low hanging fruits have made the tree pointless for a majority of builds. And to me that just doesn’t look very fun. The Harper tree was always a pick a few nuggets type deal. A little bit for everyone. It was really strong for anyone that was interested in Int for damage but since that is now higher tier it changes the landscape dramatically.

Maybe Turbine don’t get it; but the tier 5 is not strong enough to warrant a full investment. It never was. And I don’t see one single build that I will ever tier 5 or even cap stone. None. So I’m glad I get it for free as VIP, otherwise I’d never pay money for it.

It’s like making a crappy iconic. I got mine through buying the Shadowfail big package. And I only use the Warforged. The rest of them are situational and mostly meh to me.

The big picture guy

It’s widely known that Germany during WW 2 was dominant for the first half, then lost ground everywhere after 42. Not just because they fought on too many fronts. That’s always bad. But because they never entered full war footing and where they won tactically on small scale battles, they lost strategically. And thank gosh for that.

The parallel I’m about to make isn’t about Nazis. Those hyperbolic comparisons usually end up being nonsense (like comparing our current political climate to Nazi Germany. It’s just stupid). Instead this is about the small picture and the big picture. The small picture is that Germany created iconic weapons and arguably some of the greatest tanks but the Panther was not a strategic tank. It had to be transported to battle and didn’t operate all well in the long run. Plus it was outmaneuvered by the more operationally T-34s and Shermans. And while those tanks didn’t have the kitchen sink of killer guns, they worked. In good and bad. And on a operational level Soviet and the allied had more of them.

In other words; you might have the best gun in the world but if it’s not operational or there’s only one it only take a few more of them to win. Then there’s scale. Germany needed tanks that could kill at 10 to 1 ratio. That was the reality of fighting 2 fronts and a more numerous enemy. Only one German tank managed to do that – the Ferdinand and that was a heavy tank destroyer. With lack luster engine and prone to break down. But it’s armor and gun reached that magic ratio. The Panther didn’t and all other tanks didn’t either, such as the Pzkfw IV, one of the most numerous tanks Germany created. They simply could not produce enough Tigers, King Tigers and Panthers so they had to continue producing tanks that Soviet and Allied could defeat on equal basis.

There was also a case for air superiority. The allied knew that there was no point to invade Europe until they owned the skies and had severely hurt Germany’s effort to resupply their lost equipment. Sure, the critical loss of veteran soldiers and younger and younger replacement didn’t help. But the true loss was the loss of Air control. Without it Germany could never move up their forces un-harassed, which limited movement and destroyed cohesion. That is why Germany launched their last offensive in the dead of Winter, The battle for the bulge in the Ardenne during blizzard conditions where the allied couldn’t use their air superiority.

So what’s the parallel. It’s not the big guns nor the individual battles that win wars. Just look at the American war for independence. US lost a lot of battles before finally being victorious. And the same in WW2 – Germany won a lot of battles in Africa and Soviet but ultimately lost the ones that counted. Remember Kasserine Pass? That was the first encounter between Germans and Americans. But ultimately the Allied won. And just as Germany captured 100s of thousands Russians during the first faithful months they ultimately lost after first getting surrounded and destroyed in Stalingrad and lost perhaps the most important tank battle of that time, Operation Zitadel in 1943 where Soviet destroyed most of Germany’s tank in several days of brutal fighting (and at a great loss to Soviet forces too, but that they could replace) and Hitler would ultimately only bow out when the Allied landed on Sicily.

In every real life scenario as well as collaborate games, the support and the big picture always win.

I can remember a lot of raids that ultimately failed because people didn’t work as a team. And you always need to have that one eye on the big picture stuff to ultimately win. I’m usually the guy that trip casters and stun hitters. I’m usually the guy that notice something nasty aggroing on the guy hanging on the wall aggroing bezerkers. Before it becomes a problem and before the guy with the aggro gets seriously hurt.

I’m usually the ranger that spot heal a knocked down caster that can’t do anything. Or the guy who revives someone knocked out in Defiance. Before they crawl around for minutes while people focus on the small stuff. Missing the loss of DPS in the bigger picture.

That is what makes people profit and that win wars. Not just me per say, but everyone with an eye to the big picture stuff. Not the meticulous plans (that always fall apart) but someone that reacts to the peripheral stuff before they become problems. Sure – everything IS math, but math won’t help anyone if the big guns don’t work. And casters are useless in the long run if they’re forced to waste all their resources on re-spawning trash. And while it’s not sexy to look at the cogs and make sure they work, it is what leads to payday.

Is EE viable a must?

So I started to think. Always a terrible thing. I’m like that. One minute I’m going one way, then I think about it and start marching another. Like EE viable. Why do we need to be that? If I don’t really care about beating everything on EE, then why do I even bother if something is ‘viable’ or not? Seems that was always my ultimate goal even as I built for flavor and gear. And it’s really true in all games we play. We play, to be playing on a level with legends, when the reality is few of us want to drag our knees across broken glass to get there.

I don’t envy the ones people call elite. Some of them are terrific people. Others plain a holes. And I couldn’t care less to be within a spitting distance of people who are ‘elite of elite’. I always wanted to. Not to be elite, but to be the best of the best as a personal goal, until I realized I was. But not consistently or even intentionally. I just do by virtue of playing. I see people asking for ‘lists’. So they can rank themselves against others. Which is fine. I really don’t care. But when that spills over into my play, less so in DDO but a lot of it in other games – it makes me sad. Because I work each day for a living and playing DDO and other games is my escape. From the regular family drama, from the daily interaction with regular people with drama and most of all work.

So any time I encounter ‘work’ in games – as in mundane silly tasks meant to remove fun and introduce work, I try to avoid it.

This is one of the reason why I more or less gave up on World of Tanks. Not the work part; but the a holes gamer part. In there it’s team against team without a ‘solo’ experience or anything. Which was fine. Until 2 things happened. The devs decided to dilute the arsenal with ever more powerful and unbalanced vehicles and the ‘elite’ (read exploiters) gravitated towards it and destroyed regular game play. I did well. In fact for not being affiliated with clans and for just playing my game I was right up there in the top 5-15% dependent on vehicle. But I had to deal with lots of a holes on a daily basis. And when some vehicles that I liked to play become worthless through imbalance I said to myself that no amount of ‘fun’ can ever replace the frustrating back paddling of dealing with imbalance and a holes.

Notice a parallel to DDO? Exploiter builds. The thing is tho, they don’t bother me as much in DDO for most part. I can solo – I don’t have to deal with people if I don’t want to. And since this is not PvP, I don’t have to deal with grief from emotionally immature post-teens. But the downside as we’ve seen is that when there are exploits, the devs build content to counter that. And when they do you get an imbalance that directly effect certain classes.

I kinda laugh when exploiters ask for Turbine to let them keep evading with their large and tower shields. I laugh because it’s so silly. But that’s where we are now. It doesn’t effect me since I don’t play exploiter builds and I realize the reason why I play around with flavor is because I don’t feel that I HAVE to play that in order to be ‘viable’. I’m not trying to set a record. I’m not trying to solo a specific raid. I’m just trying to have fun. And now when a realize that I am good despite not exploiting build options I feel better.

World of Tanks remain a distance interest mostly for how it was broken and the player community. I sometimes go back but after 2-3 plays I’m done. I’m also done with Warframe for many other reasons. I had a good build, I spent lots of time and then they released the ‘Kudrow’ addition and things got stupid and boring. Lots of the mood music changed on some of my favorite maps and the overall flavor evaporated. My ‘harvesters’ became unavailable because they made some changes to maps where you had to also unlock mission that include ‘tower’ type play (catch and hold towers for so long – which is near impossible solo and it takes forever to fill). And since I couldn’t empty nor repair the harvesters until I unlock those last missions per planet they were eventually destroyed from damage over time and my investment in building them was lost.

And so was my interest.

Now I play Defiance. And it’s been fun. It’s buggy as heck with lag outs in pivotal moments that resets your progress. That’s really bad if you got to the end in what can arguably be called raids and you get disconnected and when you come back in your ranking is toast – and since ranking decided some of the loot roll (as I gather it) being reset to the middle of the pack having spent a good 30 or so more minutes getting to the end you sorta get frustrated. But here’s the thing. I usually do well. I do so even playing with people who have played from the start of the servers. And that’s because as a player I know my stuff. Not bragging here; but I’m good at games. The idea, the features and the concepts I build comes easy to me. Just as World of Tanks came easy to me until they broken the balance of the game.

Just as I normally do well in DDO using all the resources available to me.

So do I need to be elite/legendary viable?

Long rant, short answer. No. I don’t. When the light is shut off in the server room and the plug is pulled, nothing will matter anymore – other then what I did, how I did it and the entertainment value I got out of it. I’ll remember my exploits and fun. And my rank against someone else won’t be the thing I remember. I remember dying the first time in DDO. My FvS in Macabre. Ambushed. I remember having my 2nd GS con op item and soloing Shavarath when it was something to do. I remember the first step into Kings Forest, the green, the shadows and the ambiance.

I remember being there when we first defeated X boss and last before the raid got out of style. I remember the distinct feel of one toon over another. Learning new ways to defeat old quests. Forgetting some quests and coming back years later and have that feeling of new and old. Smiling as I noticed the old and the things I’ve never realized before.

I remember tanking when it was interesting. Positioning myself so I maximized armor when armor meant something. I remember disabling and destroyed a massive heavy tank through tactical effort. I remember the skill before it lost value. I remember with shaking hands, high on adrenaline being the last one left on my team in a light tank, having destroyed 6 other enemy tanks and coming up against their last heavy – I knew how to aim and it would just take one hit from them to nail me.

But he missed and I knew I could nail him good before he reloaded. And I won.

Just as I beat myself up for falling short another time. But feeling that it was close, it was fun and that I had experienced something.

These are the things I’ll remember. Not being number 1 in rank yet again in a Defiance ‘raid’. Or having most kills in DDO in x quest/raid. I remember the small moments. The feelings. The escape. Where I wasn’t a dad to 3 kids, husband. Where I didn’t have to bring home the bacon and pay bills. Where I didn’t have to deal with a holes that came off the train and right away had to smoke – standing upwind and let it blow down wind on me and others.

The guy zig zagging in traffic and riding my bumper. The sick guy that had to sit down behind me and sat there and sneezed and coughed the entire ride. The old woman in front of me holding up the line first writing down everything in her check book for balance BEFORE paying with check and then complaining about something that she claimed was discounted. Amounting to cents on the dollar.

Or my son breaking wind as he sits DOWN in the car as suppose outside before.

Yeah – that’s why I ultimately play games. Not because I want to be the best eventho I know I’m good at it. But because I try to escape all those things that I live through without going out of my mind. EE viable? I am by virtue of my love for games – deliberately escaping the mundane of dying one day at the time on this mortal coil. There won’t be any monuments over my accomplishment. But then only I get to relive the good times in my mind as the day by day grinds my time away.

The future is coming – Mirror of Glammering

While they’re fast balancing both the PRR and MRR changes and the Macabre with raid – 2 new things popped into existence without the express knowledge of players. The Harper tree and Mirror of Glammering. The later – a much wanted feature to DDO and one which is going to expand in time.

The Harper tree is currently being revised, cutting out some Charisma (since it so happen to fit some pure builds perfectly like Bard and Paladin, adding more Charisma and therefor a nono). This limits it basically to more pure int builds. Like Arti and even rogues. Lets just say that my Arti will take advantage of it but I won’t bother with it that much on other builds. It’s just not all that useful for most part.

The Mirror however is; the first version – released in U23, will add the ability to copy armor, goggles and helmets into BTA cosmetics. So basically you should be able to take ANY item in the game, make a cosmetic out of it (of the types mentioned) and slot it. So if own a red dragon armor and want to make it into a cosmetic choice to run around in regardless of those 3 types of gear, you’re more then welcome to do it.

U24 will most likely also add weapons and shields. That is you match the type of weapon with the ones used – so if you don’t care for the toilet plunger thunderforged q-staff but would love to use the CITW one, you can, but the caveat is that particle effects might not be able to translate over. On the other hand it’s possible that they solve this by then OR add something even better – a particle cosmetic effect that you can either copy or buy from the store. Like to add black flames? Go ahead, 395 in the store. Or how about green sparks? Why not. I especially look forward to this. I’d love to be able to add a better greatsword cosmetic to my thunderforged one – I especially like the none upgraded version of sword of fury. That one looks bulky and like hammered out iron – crude but vicious. Or how about the khopesh one? It’s cool. Altho the tunderforged Khopesh actually looks okay. That also means that if you want to get that whole Samurai look going you can – like adding a nice banded mail followed by Samurai helmet. Yet underneath you’re sporting all the goodies that make life easier. In fact I’d love for Turbine to release a few cosmetic weapon looks themselves. How about a full Samurai outfit – armor, helmet and 2 handed (or single, your choice). Heck, why not even a nice Samurai looking bow too?

This is the kind of stuff that would make them money. And things we as players would pay for. I can totally see my Horc become a solid looking Samurai warrior sporting a Naginata (instead of the CITW q-staff). And I bet I’m not the only one. How about a Spanish Conquistador outfit? Rapier, shield, that iconic looking helmet and the shiny breast plate? Underneath there’s a full Epic black armor with helmet and scale armor, large shield and khopesh. Yeah – that would be sweet. Heck, that would add a lot of flavor for some guilds.

Now all we need is a way to show cloaks with guild emblems. That’s certainly next on the list. And it would round of things just perfectly.

Changes to gear coming U23

It looks like some people thought some items were to strong and they might change. As it seems the idea is to adjust down or split up. Pity, consolidated items are good. In fact so many of the items have redundant features I’d like to take a scalpel to the items and carve out the nonsense. And by nonsense I’m talking about the many features that are worthless as a whole. Like reflex +10. I can guarantee that most people have a resistance +10 item already. If not a good size augment. There’s at least 3 different items that share some sort of +10 feature (Fortitude etc). But there are also 2 items that comes with +11 and +12 resistance.

I understand the idea – maybe no one has an item like that or maybe they won’t get the items with the better resistance. But when you look at it, it’s fairly useless. And inflating numbers like that only add weight to things you don’t need and reduces other stuff that you feel you do.

Currently the boost and the Mentau Goggles might get adjusted. The 2 items I was looking most forward too. Not because they were SUPER, but mostly because they consolidate gear slots. If they break those up they immediately devalue. Even if it means that something else get similar values. But the whole point is consolidation. I’m not adverse to slight adjustments.

What seem to make the items strong is actually a mirage since so many of their features are doubled up on other items. Like UMD – you’ll find tons of items with UMD, making it less then a unique feature. So instead of reducing the usefulness of Mentaus goggles, they should remove redundant features that only inflate the over all value but add nothing to the total bottom line. Such as removing reflex +10 completely. if it’s not a unique insightful value it’ll be pointless.

Plus the issue with a lot of the items right now is that so many of them have sheltering on it, but to such a degree that a level 28 item might have sheltering 15, that’s 1 under the currentl ML 28 augment. And yet on others you find odd numbers like 21, 30 etc. The reality is of course that by adding so many features on so many different items it leads to inflation and suddenly you see the hammer come down on the useful and unique values (like Mentaus +4 insightful) and you still have UMD on 2-3 items (including Mentaus).

And while so many of the items are good, any change will devalue usefulness. At least a change to the unique aspect. Such as the boots tactical feats. Remove some of those and keep speed and you have an item that’s pointless. There are PLENTY of items including random with speed. In fact most melee probably use the feat that gives you a better choice. Speed is so Jorgundals Collar ago.

So well see, hopefully they’ll give the items another go, strengthen some of the weaknesses (like ring of unknown origin, pointless) and balance the OP items without destroying the synergy. If most of them becomes meh and some of the features are moved around, you still will have a collective of high level but unappealing items. And suddenly the 2-3 items you definitely want becomes the 1 or 2 you might swap in.